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Feeding Therapy

Has mealtime at your house been hard to handle?

Is your child eating just a small variety of foods or is it inconsistent with the foods they eat? Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed that what you’re trying isn’t working?

We’re told that feeding our children should be a great joy, and unfortunately, that isn’t the experience for all of us. We believe that by giving parents permission to provide both flexibility and fun, you, in turn, allow your children the same permission.

Introducing our

Feeding Program

A program for parents, partnering with Milestone Pediatric Therapists and empowering you with the tools you need to improve the feeding experience with your children.

We’ll walk you through typical feeding practices, common frustrations and simple but effective techniques and strategies to try with your child so that gathering around the table is not only easier, but fun!

Our Goal Is To Make Every Meal More Enjoyable For The Whole Family.

Food should be fun…and even a little spontaneous (just the way life is!).  We’ve created a coaching program to empower parents by discovering new ways to add more flexibility and fun to mealtime with your children.

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Eat. Play. Empower.

Transition From Mealtimes of Stress + Struggle to Joy + Connection

Our feeding program leaves room for individual differences, cultures and ages.  We want to ensure you and your family get what you need!

From An Empowered Parent

“My son absolutely loves coming to play with his friends I can’t begin to say how grateful we are of Milestone! They have had so much patience for my family and put their main focus into my son and he has shown so much improvement.”

Empowered Parents, Joyful Kids



Leveraging your role as Parent to positively impact your child’s eating experience


Establishing a flexible routine, able to grow with your family plans and needs


Discovering how to introduce new foods to your child and expand on the ones they already eat


Learning the “why” behind some of your child’s eating preferences and patterns


Engaging in meaningful conversations with other caregivers (parents, babysitters, daycare, etc.) to gain consistency with your new approach to feeding your child

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect, You Just Need To Start Somewhere

Parents are awesome.  You not only deserve to have good, healthy meals, you deserve freedom from perfection.  Mistakes will happen. Sometimes you must say yes to ice cream on a Tuesday night!   Feeding Therapy is about making progress, over perfection.

Food and family are meant to be enjoyed, and with this program, we’ll help you make the changes you need so you can sit down for mealtime with happy faces, full bellies and no stress.  Sound good?