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About Us

Welcome to Milestone University, we are beyond pumped you are here! Our vision for Milestone University is to give pediatric occupational therapists a helpful hand during their transition from student to clinician (and beyond).

We noticed that there was a great need for mentorship in the field of occupational therapy. Between working in different settings and transitioning from grad school to your first work opportunity, there can be a lack of guidance and expertise and we are here to bridge the gap!

From A Past Mentee

“As a new OT, mentorship is essential and if you can find mentors who are also positive, innovative, and fun; that’s the best, and what you get with Milestone. Thank you for the advice, and wonderful guidance.”

Sara K.
Milestone University Mentorship

It’s like a 3rd fieldwork!

Are you transitioning into pediatric occupational therapy but haven’t built your network yet? Are you feeling nervous or overwhelmed to start out as a new grad? Sometimes all you need is a mentor who is already in the field, ready to guide and assist.

Whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned clinician looking to try something new, we are here to support you!

Our goal is that you feel equipped AND balanced as a clinician and are able to help families succeed in their goals while being your best self. 

Our mentors provide guidance and encouragement for all of those questions that can’t be answered by a textbook! We are here to support you in the transition phases from fieldwork student… to interviewee… to new clinician!

Because we want our program to meet your exact needs, we have a variety of offerings

There is a lot of uncertainty AND opportunity when you first become a therapist and we are excited to create a community to encourage and motivate you every step of the way! 

1:1 Mentorship

60 minute sessions and schedule at your convenience. This time can be used to learn about a specific topic (i.e. feeding, sensory, evaluations, etc.), prepare for an interview (what better way than to do that with a clinic owner!) or we can walk through your caseload and help plan interventions and discuss specifics. This time is yours and can be used for any and all needs. Click here to schedule

Group Mentorship

Choose from 6-week or 12 week mentorship program with an extensive workbook that will empower you with the tools you need to feel confident as a pediatric occupational therapist. Join our next cohort and let us walk you through evaluations, assessments, building rapport, treatment, documentation and everything else you need to get started as a pediatric OT. This is perfect if you are a new graduate, first year OT or transitioning into pediatrics. 

*The 12-week group includes specialty topics and live teaching hours as well as access to our slack channel.

Pop Up Groups

Open to 5-10 participants. We cover different topics in a live presentation format. These run between 60-90 minutes and cost $35. 

Slack Membership

Want extra support but can’t find it? Need mentorship but are too busy? Like the idea of messaging more than phone calls or zoom? Then the pocket mentorship is perfect for you!

With this monthly membership, you will have access to all 3 of our team members via slack messenger. Ask questions and partake in discussions with your peers. Sign up now for only $37/month and cancel anytime.

Click here to sign up.

Digital Store

Purchase individual or packaged items from our store! We have products ranging from organization tools and communication logs to activities, parent handouts and so much more!

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Nobody knows everything! What’s more important is learning how to find answers.

It can be overwhelming to hold a role where others see you as the expert. There is a huge amount of pressure to know EVERYTHING. And when you don’t… there’s a little voice saying, “Hmm.. maybe I didn’t earn my OTR/L letters.” We’ve all experienced imposter syndrome at some point in our career.


It is perfectly alright to not have all the answers. That’s expected. What’s more important than knowing absolutely everything is learning how to find answers. Learn to problem solve and figure out how to access all of your resources to get closer to the answers. You will be on a lifelong journey of learning. You will NEVER stop learning. And you don’t have to do it alone! We are here to bring you to the start of your journey and cheer you on!

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