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Milestone Pediatric Therapy exists as a mission of hope, specializing in occupational, physical and speech therapy for children and families.

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Are You Ready To Feel Empowered?

Do you suspect your child may have a developmental delay?  Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out the right next step for your child and family?  Are you tired of hearing what your child cannot do, or may never do?

We start by focusing on what your child can do.  We want to empower you and your child by starting with your child’s current abilities and creating a plan of action that meets your long-term goals.  Our goal? Smiles.  Hope.  Growth. And above all, Joy.  If you’re looking for a clinic with passionate, empathetic therapists who thrive on a positive vision for your child, you’re in the exact right place.

From an Empowered Parent

“Katy [from Milestone] is absolutely the best! She has made such a difference in our daughter’s development. We love her to pieces!!!”


Are You Ready To Work With Your Child’s Infinite Potential And Get The Tools & Resources You Need To Create Positive Change?

With Milestone in your corner, you have access to expert therapists who are passionate about working with you and your family to take those next small steps and create a beautiful vision for the future. With us, you’ll never walk this journey alone.

Occupational Therapy

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For children experiencing delays or differences in development, we help address activities of daily life including: fine motor, visual motor, feeding skills, play, education & social development.
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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
If milestones are delayed, our PTs help your child gain new motor skills to actively participate at home, school and beyond.
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Speech Therapy

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When your child is experiencing language delays speech therapy can help with a variety of focus areas that can be customized for your family.
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Milestone Pediatric Therapy
From our founder
Corey Roan

“Whether you’re working with one of Milestone’s physical, occupational or speech therapists, you’re working with passionate and talented experts who make it their mission to create positive change & impact for your family.”

Think of us as your family’s expert resource to help your child grow and flourish.

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Milestone is set up for your family’s success and we aim to give you the options that create the best experience to serve your child’s needs.

Founder, Corey Roan is not only an Occupational Therapist, but she’s a mom of twins and a passionate leader that’s built a team of incredible physical, occupational and speech therapists. She believes in being on the cutting edge of child development techniques and welcomes everyone at Milestone as if you’re part of the family.

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Virtual Coaching
Virtual Coaching

Specialty Coaching Programs To Help Empower Parents With Tools, Resources & 1:1 Access To Experts

At Milestone, we listen to our patients and are constantly adding new programs to better serve the most common and urgent developmental needs for our families.

Eat, Play, Empower

hand taking peas off a plate
Through our program “Eat, Play, Empower,” you’ll find our unique approach to feeding therapy, common frustrations and simple strategies to make eating enjoyable for the whole family.
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Tiny Toilets

boy on potty with his mother next to him
In this program you’ll understand the cause of your child’s toileting troubles and develop a stress-free routine that supports repetitive and calm toileting habits.
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Everything you need to tackle potty training
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Everything You Need To Tackle Potty Training