Speciality Coaching Program: Pelvic Floor Therapy

Potty Training

Struggles With Potty Training Your Child?

Is bedwetting still a common occurrence? Wondering if your child should be out of pull-ups by now? Are frequent/infrequent urination, painful bowel movements or constipation/diarrhea a daily struggle?

Whether you’re just starting to potty train or it’s been an ongoing problem, we have tips and techniques to help you and your child get the results you want.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

An Individualized Approach For Your Child & Family

We understand that toileting troubles can be difficult for the whole family. Our treatments are customized so it works specifically for you and your child.

We take a holistic approach, looking at diet, sleep patterns, and other behavioral issues that could be contributing to your child’s current toileting status.


Introducing Our

“Tiny Toilets” Program

A multi-week and multi-level group coaching program for parents, partnering with Milestone Pediatric Therapy experts and empowering you with the tools and techniques you need to help your child gain more confidence in their toileting capabilities. Say goodbye to stress, embarrassment and/or pain and finally have a system that works for you.

Working Together To Understand Your Child’s Abilities & Needs

We want to help create a plan that works for you and your family to support and encourage your child’s progress towards the goals you have.  We do this by:


Understanding what’s causing your child’s toileting troubles


Teaching you strategies that help your child learn to use the toilet


Developing a routine that supports repetitive and calm toileting habits


Reducing the stress of child and caregivers surrounding potty training


Reducing the frequency and volume of leaks


Understanding the medical causes of your child’s struggles to reduce social stigma

How It Works…

We have different levels and lengths of this program based on the specific needs of your child.  Once you book your free consultation call, we’ll assess and customize the best program for you and your family.  You can expect to receive:

  • 1:1 Access with a Milestone therapist for specific feedback and guidance
  • 2 months of email support after the group program is complete
Let’s Get Started
Child on toilet

You’re Not Alone & Everything’s Going To Be OK

We understand toileting troubles can be a huge weight on your shoulders, but know there is a solution and we’re here to help. At Milestone, we approach positive toileting techniques through nutrition, movement, sensory and feeding.

We use a low pressure, low demand approach, breathing techniques, keeping a bladder/bowel diary and establishing toileting routines that work around mealtimes and school. We’ll incorporate therapeutic interventions such as hip strengthening, pelvic strengthening and stretching when necessary, and ultimately our goal is to reduce stress for everyone in your family to allow more space to grow and connect.