Using Super Simple Songs to Target Core Vocabulary

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Tanya Keller

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Music is so powerful to so many of us, and kids are no exception.  Music is so engaging for kids, and it is one of my favorite activities when targeting core vocabulary with my AAC users.  One of my favorite go-tos is Super Simple Songs.  There is a Youtube Channel, and there is also a website that also has lyrics, printables and other activities!. You can find it here!

In general, each time a core vocabulary word is sung, pause and model it on the child’s AAC system.  Over time, once the child learns the song and target words, pause and allow the child to fill in the words.  Some of my favorites to use when teaching core vocabulary are:

Down in the Deep Blue See-Find the Video with words to model on EdPuzzle here:


Walking in the Jungle-Find the Video with words to model on EdPuzzle here:


What are your child’s favorite Super Simple Songs?  Listen to them and model the frequently sung verbs, pronouns, question words and descriptors!