Rett Syndrome Awareness Month-It’s in the Eyes

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Tanya Keller

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eye vocab I came across this quote on Facebook and Pinterest, but the author was not cited.  Eye gaze is so strong in those with Rett Syndrome.  You can see the stories they have to tell when they look at you.  The communication that comes from their eyes when you truly get to know them. When you have that connection that makes you stop and “listen” to their eyes. Yes, they have their high tech devices and that is crucial for them. But the communication that happens just from their eyes, unaided, says so much. I was torn between leaving this post at that, or expanding into speech generating devices with eye gaze.  I have chosen to leave this post as is.  That is not to undermine or take away from the importance of aided communication systems with eye gaze, because that is so important for these individuals, but we will dive into that next week.  For now, I want to leave this focused on the power that their eyes have, and the connections built from that, and the stories told from that.  There is such power and beauty in the eyes if we just stop and listen.