Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

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Tanya Keller

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no tx yet We have only touched upon some pieces of Rett Syndrome this month.  As Rett Syndrome Awareness Month comes to a close, we urge you to continue to learn about this.  We want to share some resources with you.  These organizations are valuable resources, and they do a lot of fundraising for research to find a cure.  These organizations go beyond fundraising!  These organizations offer so many resources and family support.

Rett Syndrome Research Trust

GirlPower2Cure There have been many advances and there are several clinical trials taking place, however, there is still much work to do! Rett University is a valuable resource, offering several webinars around different aspects of Rett Syndrome.  There are also many free resources for families and caregivers.

Rett University

We hope you find these resources useful.  Thank you for sharing in Rett Syndrome Awareness month with us!