Gift Guide for Picky Eaters!

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Breanne Haeger, MOT, OTR/L

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With many holidays approaching, we wanted to provide some gift ideas for the little picky eaters in your life!

These products are items that we recommend to:

  • Help make food FUN and engaging
  • Encourage food exploration for little ones who have some sensory aversions to food

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  • Food Pick/ Bento Forks: these make eating fun! They also encourage indirect interaction with foods your children may be hesitant to touch initially! 
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  • Mini Cookie Cutters: Another great way to encourage indirect interaction and touching foods! These also help give new foods a familiar shape! Think of a heart cut out of a preferred food, next to a heart cut out of a new food!
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  • Constructive Eating Plate: This plate is great for the little car lovers in your life. The fork, spoon, and “pusher” utensils look like construction vehicles that can transport food in the little tracks on the plate. So fun and engaging!
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  • Food Face Plate: This is a great way to incorporate food play into mealtime! Your child or you can arrange the food items in creative ways on the face. Tasting a tomato “smile” is a lot more inviting than a slice of tomato on a plain plate! This play scheme is really engaging for a variety of ages!
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  • Bumkins Long-Sleeved Bib: This bib has long sleeves, which is great for those kiddos who avoid getting messy! This bib limits the amount of food that gets on their arms and clothes.
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  1. Munchkin Divided Plates: These plates are great for those kiddos who are adamant that their foods cannot touch! Also these plates work well for kiddos who are visually overwhelmed by a lot of variety on their plate. Limiting the meal to few foods, each with their own “spot” can support these little ones too!
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We hope this gift list inspires you to try something fun and new with your little picky eater! There of course are so many strategies that don’t cost anything–and opening a new gift is always a fun way to build some excitement for mealtime!

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